Internet Bingo Games

There are several bingo variants that can be played at online bingo sites. Unlike the restrictive nature of land-based bingo halls, internet bingo sites will often supply all of the most popular variations. These include the European favorite 90-Ball Bingo, the traditional North American 75-Ball Bingo and the newest shutterboard wave, 80-Ball Bingo. We'll teach you the rules of each internet bingo game.

Play 75 or 90 Ball Bingo Games at Reputable Sites

Play 75 ball or 90 ball bingo at these top bingo sites which offer a wide selection of games, promotions and safe and secure gaming environment.

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75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo gamesThis classic bingo game gives the player a bingo card with 25 spaces, in 5x5 rows and columns. Each column is labeled with a letter, B-I-N-G-O, and contains 5 random numbers.

  • B-Column: this column consist of 5 numbers from 1 through 15.
  • I-Column: this column consists of 5 number from 16 through 30.
  • N-Column: this column consists of 4 numbers from 31 through 45, with a FREE space in the middle row.
  • G-Column: this column consists of 5 number from 46 through 60.
  • O-Column: this column consists of 5 number from 61 through 75.

75-Ball Bingo used to be played where the first player who achieved a single, full line of daubed spaces up and down, across or diagonal won the game. The game has progressed greatly over the decades, and is now played in over 300 patterns, from alphabetic patterns and numbers, to a plethora of shapes, like umbrellas, airplanes and coffee cups. The hardest pattern of all is known as Blackout or Coverall, where the player must daub the entire card to win.

Each number called will include the letter and number, such as B-14, or N-42. In traditional bingo games, the player marks off all called numbers on his or her cards. In online bingo, the software will automatically do this for you, moving the cards closest to winning to the top of the list for your viewing pleasure.

90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo gamesA much more complex version of bingo, 90 Ball Bingo actually has three winners per game. The same player can potentially win up to 3 times before it is over. In 90 Balls Bingo, the tickets consist of 9 columns and 3 rows, with 27 spaces overall, but only 15 numbers within.

Each column may contain up to 3 random numbers, with numbers 1-10 in the first column, 11-20 in the second and so on, up to 81-90 in the last column.

Each row has 9 spaces, but may only have 5 numbers across it, for a total of 15 numbers per ticket.

Each row is called a Line. In order to win, players must completely mark off One Line, Two Lines and Three Lines, (called a Full House). The prize becomes larger respectively for each win.

80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo games80 Ball bingo is played in the exact same manner as 75-ball bingo, except that each cards contains 4x4 numbered spaces. The first column is 4 random numbers from 1-20, next column 21-40, third column 41-60 and fourth column 61-80.

Like 75-Ball bingo, 80-Ball bingo uses specific patterns to determine winners. The first player to achieve the corresponding pattern for a game wins.

In land-based games, it is often called Shutter Board Bingo. The cards have 16 numbers, and when one of your numbers is called, you close the shutter board flap over that number. In online bingo, however, the called number simply get shaded.

Play 80 Ball Bingo at Reputable Sites

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