Mobile Bingo Sites

Mobile phone bingo gamesIt took a lot longer for developers to come up with a Mobile Bingo software platform, compared to other cell phone gambling venues like mobile poker and mobile casino games. But the future of bingo, which sat on the horizon for several years, is finally here. There are various operators now presenting the option to play multi-player bingo directly on your cell phone or PDA.

Below you will find internet bingo sites which offer mobile games for your cell phone. Don't forget to read our bingo reviews, compaire bingo bonuses and choose a suitable site to accomodate your needs.

Reputable Sites with Bingo Games for Mobile Phones

Below you will find a list of very reputable bingo sites which offer mobile version of their games, which are compatible with most popular cell devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Nokia and others.

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The biggest issues have always been maintaining a dedicated connection and dealing with the limited screen size. Developers eventually worked around this, introducing mobile bingo games with multi-player capabilities. A 3G network is recommended so that connection problems won't interrupt your game. However, the software will ensure all tickets/cards are tracked and winners get paid, regardless of their online status.



In order to play bingo on your cell phone or PDA, you'll need an Internet connection and WAP compliance. WAP is what allows you to view web sites on your hand held device. If you lack either of these services, call your service provider and ask to upgrade.


It is also recommended to have unlimited Internet access. If you pay by the minute, it can become quite costly to play mobile bingo. You should be able to upgrade to unlimited Internet access for about $20 a month extra.


To make sure your cell phone or PDA is compatible with the mobile bingo software, visit the bingo web site offering mobile games and read the FAQ page. There should be a searchable list of all compatible devices.



To download and install the Mobile Bingo software, visit a bingo web site, click the download option and input your cell phone number. Most sites will allow you to call a number, or send a text message to the operator.


Your device will be sent a WAP address for the download. Click on the recieved WAP url to start the download. If you cannot click the url, you may need to input it manually into your web address bar.


You will be able to login to the mobile bingo game application using the same login/password you signed up with at the associated web site. If you do not have an account, go online and register.


Some cell bingo sites may ask you to choose a 4-digit PIN after logging in for the first time. You can then use this PIN to login every time you play Mobile Bingo.

Playing Mobile Bingo

Of course the experience isn't going to be quite the same as a live or online game of bingo, since the screen is so much smaller, but the excitement level and chances to win are just as great. One of the biggest draws to online bingo is the chat community and bingo chat games held throughout the actual bingo games. Mobile Bingo is the same.

By pressing a key, you can switch between the bingo cards and the bingo chat. Join in the live chat and play bingo chat games the same as you would at an online bingo room, with valuable points and prizes awarded. Then switch back to your cards to see how close you are to winning.

There is no need to mark off your cards this is done for you. If you win, bingo will even be called for you. Should you get disconnected maybe you're driving through a tunnel or get a phone call your cards are still active, and will be rewarded for a win while you were gone.