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USA Online BingoBingo is incredibly popular in the United States, taught to all young children as they grow up, and often maintaining a special place in their hearts as they age. As such, USA online bingo sites are well populated with thousands upon thousands of American bingo fans of all adult ages.

Unfortunately, the local government does not smile upon internet gambling in any form, so reputable US bingo rooms have become incredibly scarce. That doesn't mean you can't find a safe, secure online bingo room to play your favorite pastime.

Of the entire internet bingo industry, with well over 300 bingo sites, less than half of them actually accept US players. When you discount all of the internet bingo sites that don't have the longevity and proper licensing to be labeled distinguished, reputable operators, those numbers greatly decline.

Reputable US Online Bingo Rooms

In order to find a reputable US online bingo room, you'll need to look for all of the qualities. Proper licensing and regulating, viable deposit/withdrawal methods, a solid reputation through longevity and of course, US player acceptance!

To make this task much easier, we supply a comprehensive list of online bingo reviews, detailing all aspects of each bingo site. Our reviews are honest, unbiased, professionally written, and always include restrictions on, or acceptance of, US online bingo players.

Bingo for Money - USA Bingo Room Bingo Hall accepts US players South Beach - USA bingo site Vics Bingo accepts American players
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What cause online bingo in the USA to become such a rarity? The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 Ц that's what. Better known as the UIGEA, this piece of legislation was attached to a ports security bill by a few members of congress in the wee hours of the night. They approved the UIGEA while all other members of congress slept soundly in their beds, and the next thing Americans knew, it made its way to former president George W. Bush's desk in early October.

Online Bingo after UIGEAOf course, the bill was signed, and suddenly the world was left to assumed hat online gambling was illegal in the United States. Upon further inspection and deciphering of the legal terms, it turned out that the UIGEA did not such thing. It prohibited the transaction of American's money to/from online gambling sites, putting the blame on the financial institutions themselves.

The US can only regulate its own banks and financial companies, therefore credit card payments and bank transfers were hit the hardest. The US has attempted to enforce its law on offshore companies, and strong-arm tactics have scared many away, but they don't actually have the jurisdiction to enforce their laws on offshore operators.

Life After the UIGEA
The result? There are much fewer USA online bingo sites to choose from, and many of them are unlicensed and unregulated, meaning they don't actually have to do anything they say Ц such as payout your winnings. Avoiding these is the number one priority for US online bingo players.

Americans must also seek out reputable online bingo sites that offer viable means of depositing and withdrawing their funds. Most American players choose to request withdrawals via check, since they are never declined. Credit Card deposits sometimes work, sometimes don't. The most popular and reliable deposit methods for US online bingo players are Western Union/MoneyGram and E-Checks.