Ten Things Casino Owners Won’t Tell You

When going out to gamble your money and hopes of winning big, but there are actually lesser known facts that could help you keep your cash and then to help you strike it rich.

So here are the top ten hidden secrets casinos do not want you to know


  1. Casinos work to keep you in. The entire point of a casino is to make money and the longer you are there, the more money you can spend keeping players has done through a large number of ways including not often having windows or clocks inside the building.
  2. Paranoid security personnel watches you more than you know. Casinos put investment into their security as a huge amount of money is circulating around the building 24/7 to ensure there is no theft and cheating happening.
  3. Some games favor the player. Obviously, luck is a big is a huge factor in gambling in fact, pretty much all of it but you might be surprised that you might be significantly more likely to win money depending on the games you choose to play in the casino.
  4. Chips make your bet for more. Casinos want you to gamble and spend more money as possible because this is how casinos earn in the first place and psychologically, you are unaware to spend more on betting if things do not appear as paper bills.
  5. The truth about dealers. The dealer gets the experience on the table games and strategies, however, on the hand, they can often be treated poorly and even be trustworthy though themselves.
  6. Sanitation concerns- poker chips and casino chips are handled by a countless number of people under undetermined periods of time.
  7. Casinos come at a big cost. The downside is when you take a step back, casinos come with a massive cost, a lot of states casinos contribute on the increasing number of alcohol and drug abuse as well as mental illness and suicide, violence and many more negative happenings.
  8. Sloppy dealers-People might try to learn how to count cards or find some other obscene way to cheat the casino, however, thanks to the facts that some there are dealers are very sloppy, you might end up getting a slight advantage.
  9. Hidden fees- You may be handing over more cash to the business than what you might first plan. This can happen directly and indirectly. First comes in hidden fees that come in small surcharges while many patrons get perks such as free drinks, parking and more they definitely come at a certain price
  10. Location matters- Depending on the type of player you are, this might just help you because local casinos and strip casinos differ on their betting limits usually there is a parameter which a player can bet by having a maximum and minimum amount of bet.