90 Ball Bingo Review

I decided to check out the 90 Ball Bingo games on Bingo Fabulous, and I am so glad that I did. To be honest, I spent most of my time in the 90 Ball rooms not just because of how fabulous the room mates were, but because there are three chances to win in a 90 Ball game.

Also, I got caught up in the rampant excitement going on in the chat room. There are some really lovely people in there, men and women, across a broad spectrum of age ranges, but the unusual thing about this chat room as opposed to some that I’ve been in is that everyone is incredibly friendly, no one hand an “attitude” at all.

They were all cheering each other on and having a great time. One thing is sure – I’ll be back to visit them again soon.

How to play

90 Ball Bingo is a bit different than 75 Ball Bingo. The card has three lines, each with five numbers on and four blank spaces.

Click into the 90 Ball Bingo room of your choice, and you’ll be presented with a selection of cards available for the next game. Simply click the ones you think look likely, and click the Buy button – now you’re all set to play.

The game begins, and you’ll hear the caller’s voice coming out of your computer’s speakers. There are three prizes available each game: first player with one full line, first with two lines, and first with a Full House.

The bingo software used at automatically daubs your numbers as they’re called out, and will also automatically call Bingo if you win something, so you don’t need to worry about missing out in this fantastic game.

Odds and payouts

The payouts for each individual 90 Ball game tend to vary based on how many people have bought tickets. In most of the 5p and 10p games that I played, prize money was about £6 for a single line, £12 for a double line, and around £26 for a full house.

However, there are regular scheduled games with guaranteed prize money in the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds.

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