Check out Cash Specials at Bingo Plex

Play their 2p for £20 games in Club 90. That’s right; playing daily between 4:15pm and 10:15 GMT and for only 2p a card you could be walking away with £20.

Bingo Plex is virtually giving it away in this game if you can turn 2p in to £20.


As far as specials go, you can’t get much better than a Penny Special. This game plays daily throughout the day in Fun 75 and as the name suggests, on 1p cards only.

And for this 1p card you will be walking away with the Progressive Jackpot!!


3 in 1 Fun plays daily throughout the day in Fun 75, and does exactly what it says. For a single 5p card you can play for three different and unique Jackpots.

That means you get three games for the price of one!!


It’s all about the number 5 for the 5 in 1 Games Special. Playing daily throughout the day in Fun 75 you’ll have a chance at bingo 5 times while paying for only 1 game.

Each game has 5 unique patterns with 5 prizes and 5 Jackpots, all for only 5p a card.



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