Rogue and Blacklisted Casinos

Rogue and Blacklisted Casinos
Blacklisted and rogue casinos
Gambling Federation Casinos (CGTV Games) – GFed Software include malware. During the installation, a system file “hosts” in the Window’s folder is modified. And after the installation you will find that your hosts file contains casino websites that are blocked from your computer. Also this group was added to the rogue list for unethical business with affiliates. 777-Online-Gambling.Net didn’t have any issues with this group but some affiliates were not paid by this group of casinos. Some details can be found here :

Video Poker Classic Casino
Slots Express Casino
BlackJack Club
Commodore Casino
Sizzling Slots
Pink Lady Casino
After Work Casino
Pure Slots Casino
All Poker Games
K2 Casino
Golden Star Casino
Mr. Casino
Golden Balls Casino
Casino Freedom
Mickey’s Club Casino
707 Casino
Amazing Video Poker
Casino 3X
Casino Alhambra
Casino Grande
Casino Italia
Casino Mel
Casino Poker Las Vegas
Go 4 Millions Casino
It’s Las Vegas Baby Casino
Jeux de Cesar
Lady Luck Online Casino
Lucky Gate Casino
Magic Vegas Casino
Major Slots
Max Slots Casino
Maximus Casino
Oceans Online Casino
Online Casino Fever
Rich Club Casino
Rockland Casino
Royal City Casino
Video Poker Saloon
Winners Goldmine

Crystal Palace Group – this group of casinos has a lot of player complaints like confiscation of winnings. This casino group was recognized as “Worst Player Experience of 2006” by CasinoMeister watchdog:

American Circus Casino
American Grand Casino
Americas Online
CaptainJack Casino
Casino Peru
CatsEye Casino
Cleopatras Casino
Crystal Palace Casino
Club Mardi Gras
Club Regal Casino
Golden Nile Casino
GoldStream Casino
High Rollers Lounge
Jackpot Kings Casino
Jackpot Cash Casino
Lucky Coin Casino
Lucky pyramid casino
LuckyPalm Casino
PharaohsGold Casino
Ringmaster Casino
Royal Circus Casino
Silver Sands Casino
Vegas Frontier
Vegas Riches

Grand Prive Casinos – Unethical business practice with their affiliates, they closed their affiliate program and refused to pay affiliate commissions. 777-Online-Gambling.Net didn’t work with this group very closely, so this rogue listing is not out of spite. All affiliates and players must avoid this group of casinos:

Belle Vegas Online
Casino Grand Bay
Grand Bay Poker
Grand Prive Affiliates
Kasino Grand Bay
Lake Palace Casino
Jupiter Club Casino
Road House Reels Casino
Fortune Junction Casino
Jackpot Wheel Casino
Villa Fortuna Casino
Villa Fortuna Affiliates

Sunny Group – this group of casinos has a lot of player complaints concerning non-payments. Avoid these casinos:

Casino Fortune
Goldgate Casino
Mapau Casino
Miami Beach Casino
Mapau Bingo
Poker Show

Wager21 Casinos – this group of casinos was blacklisted for many reasons, but one of the most interesting is that in the fun mode players win bigger, than in the real mode. And moreover this is stated in their help files, that their free games are programmed for FUN and give higher payouts. Also this group of casinos has a lot of issues concerning non-payments. Avoid these casinos:

Casino Lucky Dog
Diamond Gal
Eazy Pay
Grand Casino
Lady Dream Casino
Players Vegas

The IGS or Futurebet Network – Bad operators. Please, avoid casinos from this group: – no player payments, no affiliate payments. More information can be found at GFPC and at GPWA.
This information was provided by Poker Player Us

1cnp Casino – this casino was closed because it was blacklisted on almost all affiliate web sites. And the main reason is unethical business practice. For example, they published several e-mails addresses of their “winners” on their website to show that it is possible to win at their casino. And Bryan, an owner of CasinoMeister, emailed all people listed. Almost all emails bounced, but Bryan received one response, where he was told that 1cnp Casino took money from his guy, and he didn’t win there.

32Vegas Casino – when a player asks to close his/her casino account, the casino should be obligated to close the account. But when a one player asked to close his account, 32Vegas Casino closed his account after numerous requests. But soon the account had been reopened and the casino offered a bonus to this player. And yes, he started playing again with this bonus.

Absolute Poker – cheating poker room.

Action Online Casino – the casino does not play its palyers.

Arcada Casino – in 2001 a player hit the $100,000 jackpot, and of course, this casino found many reasons do not pay this winning. Also avoid these sister casinos:,,,

Atlantic Lounge Casino – no pay, no response. Players tried to withdraw their winnings, tried to contact them, and they didn’t receive their winnings.

Atlantic Vegas Casino – they told they were licensed in Alderney, but it was not true.

Casinobar, Casinoonair – these casinos have cheating software.

Casino Onliner, Slots Alley, Lucknrollcasino, Lucky Trump Casino, Lucky Traffic, Lucky Trump, Lucknrollcasino, Magic Trump Casino, Magic Trump, Magic Trump Casino, Popular Casino Group, Trump Casino Group, Fair Gaming Labs (Watchdog site), Gamblersonnet (Portal), Casinova Software,, Astrogambling,,,,,,,,,,,, – All of these sites are evil spammers.

Casino Vega – Confiscating player winnings, a lot of issues concerning non-payment of affiliate commissions.

Fivestar-casino, ixcasino, Start Your,,,,,,, -cheating casino software, they can manipulate the games in their favor.

Games4money – non-payment issues. – no payments, no response.

GoldVipCasino – black hat SEO.

Jonwood Poker – no payments, unethical business practice

Joyland Casino – cheat players, a one player requested to withdraw 4529 euros, and Joyland Casino deleted this withdrawal request of 4529 euros and sent this guy only 500 euros.

Londonscasino – non-payments.

Maxima Casino – A one player won 2600 euros in Maxima Casino, he checked T&Cs, that his country was not restricted, and he met the wagering requirements. Customer Service confirmed that he met the rules. But 10 hours later he found that the terms and conditions had been changed, and now his country was in the restricted list. This guy had all screenshots of their original T&Cs. But it didn’t help him and this casino didn’t pay him 2600 euros.

Mighty Slots,,, – spammers, don’t pay winnings.

Million Minds Casino and Poker – no response, no support, no payments.

Ministeringangel Casino– CasinoMeister said “Stupid name”, and it’s really true. They copied Terms and Conditions from one of the Bellrock Casinos, they used stolen credit cards to “play” for their logos.

Naked Poker – unethical business with affiliates, non-payments. – avoid paying players.

Rochester Casino – non-payments

RoccosCasino – big rogue casino, all details are explained here.

Sunshine Bingo – no pay, no response.

Tajmahal Palace Casino – non-payments.

Topspeedpoker – no response to player complaints, no payments.

UltimateBet – cheating poker room

Vegas24 – they don’t have real gaming licensed and they don’t pay.

Winner333 Casino,,,,,, – software with bugs, no payments.

Winward Casino – confiscating of winnings.

Not Recommended Casinos
These casinos are not recommended because of poor customer service, support, and bad bonus terms. If you don’t want to have problems during withdrawing of your winnings avoid these casinos. – it’s difficult to be paid, it’s difficult to receive any customer support, it’s difficult to receive any replies on your emails. – big spammers.

African Palace Casino – players complaint about slow payments, affiliates complaint about non-payments.

Brandy Casino – forum spam

Casino1x2, Internet1x2 – many player complaints.

Casinoextreme – it’s very difficult to receive their reply.

ConnectToCasino – unethical business with affiliates.

Fatbet Casino – a guy received a non-withdrawable bonus, and after he met all wagering requirements he couldn’t withdraw his winnings because the casino told him that this bonus was expired. – the casino has no license.

Hippojo Casino

Hype Gaming – no payments

Hot Pepper Casino – unethical business with affiliates, content thieves.

Inchilli Casino

Indio Casino – don’t recommend you this casino because another casino African Palace, which is run by the same folks, is blacklisted.

Shark Casino – is a casino where Multihand Video Poker is not considered Video Poker. A one guy met all wagering requirements, and played his bonus on Multihand Video Poker, when he requested to pay his winnings, he was told that he didn’t met the wagering requirements because he didn’t wager on Video Poker, although he wagered on Video Poker, it only was multihand.

Plum Gaming – ignores player complaints, non-payments

Starluck – Incompetence

Venice Nights Casino – confiscating of winnings.

XXL Club Casino – problems with payments.

The Chance Group – Constant delaying of payments. The group of casinos does not abide by own T&Cs. Avoid these casinos:
Black Widow Casino
Grand Banks Casino
Sterling House Casino

Gaming Partners Group – it was a very good group until it was bought by CPays.
Kiwi Casino
Kiwi Poker
Kiwi Bingo
Tiki Bingo
Blackpool Bingo
FastWin Casino

Fake Watchdog Sites

Egaming Commission
Ethical Online Gaming Association
Internet Gaming Commission

More information about these blacklisted and rogue casinos you will find at Casino Meister website.