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Choice is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to Welcome Offers! Quatro, the latest Microgaming online casino, now offers new players not one, but TWO fantastic Welcome Offers!

The first option is an extremely enticing $444 FREE, with 44 minutes to play and you then get to keep your winnings! NO DEPOSIT NEEDED! The second option gives new players an exciting chance to claim 7 bonuses to the value of $1,004 both these offers give you the opportunity to win a Lexus Hybrid plus a year’s supply of free fuel!

Now that’s what I call a winning choice!
In case you haven’t heard about Quatro (where have you been…?), here’s a bit of background. Interestingly, the casino was named Quatro (which depicts the number ‘four’) not only because they have 4 top managers, but because it’s viewed as a lucky number in many cultures, and is also the number of integrity – which they view as one of the cornerstones of the casino.

Quatro has also taken the lead in the online gambling industry in terms of offers by steering clear of traditional buy-get offers and rewarding continuous and loyal players with their generously structured bonuses.

After years in the online casino industry, Quatro rightly knows that players prefer to win smaller amounts more often, rather than a large amount only once in a blue moon. For this reason they pride themselves on their huge selection of over 350 games, which offers players more variation and more ways to win! Jackpots are cashed in quickly and with the least amount of hassle – making it a truly effortless experience.

In summary, if you like variety, choice, more frequent winnings and hassle-free payouts – Quatro Casino is the only choice for you.

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