Your Christmas Bonus is ready. Titan Casino is just waiting for you!

Come visit Christmas tree every day between December 1st and January 1st at Titan Casinoand you’ll be duly rewarded. Just click on the objects in and around the tree to uncover exciting bonus codes for daily Christmas Bonus of up to €25. Then make a deposit and contact Support with bonus code to claim extra funds.

Each day throughout the month of December straight through to January 1st, all players are encouraged to deposit at Titan Casino for a free bonus of €5 up to €25. After clicking on an image on or around the Christmas House (found on the special inner page), a bonus code is revealed. The player then needs to contact Support with that bonus code to receive their daily bonus. The Christmas bonus can be claimed by depositing players once per day. The bonus amount given each time is determined by Support according to the guidelines set by IM Casino.


Contact Support to get up to €25 free each time you make a deposit.


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