€160,000 Nonstop rake races, €30,000 Sit & Go leaderboard, €15,000 Spring Tournament Series

€160,000 Nonstop rake races (4 x €40,000)
A series of 4 rake races spreads over all the days in April. The races are joined together: the last day of each race is also the first day of the next rake race. Due to the fact that the races are joined together you are actually on the joining days collecting points for two races on one day.

€25,000 Elite player (5 best days)
During April 24hPoker is finding out who the TOP 15 Elite players are. Players need to collect as many VIP-points as possible, during any 5 days in April. Sum of the best 5 days will count as final VIP-point amount towards the leaderboard. They reward TOP 15 Elite players and the best player will collect the main prize of €5,000!

Make your poker dream come true – as a member of 24hPoker’s Pro Team!
A bit different and a very interesting campaign for this month is their 24hPoker Pro Team campaign. The players need to create a profile here .Eight players that have the collected the highest total points from 3 different categories will be rewarded with a package to EMOP Sunny Beach in Bulgaria in May/June. 4 of these 8 players will be selected to join our 24hPoker Pro Team, the chosen players will travel with us on the 2011 EMOP tour.
The 3 different categories are:
1) Collect as many votes from facebook as possible.
2) Generate as much rake as possible.
3) Play as many raked hands as possible.
There is a maximum of 500 points to be rewarded with from each category and the 8 players with the biggest total score will get rewarded. This promo starts on March 28th and continues until May 4th.

€30,000 Sit & Go leaderboard
The leaderboard is divided into three different levels: Low €1 – <€10, Medium €10 - <€50 and High €50+. All Sit & Go tournaments except Double or Nothing (DoN) and Four Table Sit&Go will count towards the leaderboards. €15,000 Spring Tournament Series, STS
The popular STS is running again in April. By participating in all 10 STS tournaments players have a fair chance to get some nice cash prizes. 20 players will get prizes and the winner will receive €3,510! Buy-ins to the STS tournaments are affordable; from €0,25 to €20! Games played are Texas NL, Omaha PL and Telesina PL.

€15,000 Texas NL & Omaha PL VIP Race
They have a great race for low and mid limit players during April. Choose to play poker at our Texas NL or Omaha PL tabels (limits 0.05/0.10 – 0.25/0.50).

€16,000 EMOP Bulgaria – Iron Man
EMOP Bulgaria 30 May – 5 June 2011 | Sunny Beach
They will arrange 8 VIP point freerolls starting on April 1st and ending on April 29th. There’s one package to EMOP Bulgaria worth €2,000 in each freeroll. Each package consists of a tournament buy-in (€1,100), accommodation in a nice hotel for four nights and €350 in travel contribution that is credited to the player’s poker account.

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