PKR’s Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot approaches $150.000

The progressive jackpot for PKR’s Caribbean Stud Poker mini-game has today reached $149,000 and is expected to grow to a record size within the next few days.


The game is available directly through PKR’s pioneering 3D poker room client, and invites poker fans to beat the dealer’s five card Texas Hold’em hand. Players can be eligible for the rapidly rising jackpot by placing a side bet of just $1, with jackpot payouts activated by hitting the highest ranked poker hands.


On 27 November, poker player GVincredible won 10% of the jackpot after hitting a straight flush, turning his $4 stake into $15,838. The Belgian, a regular at PKR’s online poker tables since July 2007 with a $1,833 tournament victory to his name, commented “I just couldn’t believe I’d won. I’d already planned to play more poker on PKR in 2012 and to buy a new car, but this makes it much easier!”


PKR’s Caribbean Stud Poker mini-game forms part of the award winning operator’s suite of gaming products which includes a revolutionary 3D poker room, innovative 3D casino and sportsbook.


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