Pulse Promotions is here at Betsson Poker

Today Betsson Poker have some breaking poker news for you.

Betsson Poker is proud to announce the official launch of a new and exciting instant rewards feature called Pulse Promotions.

Pulse Promotions uses cutting-edge live feed technology to offer players a wide range of instant rewards. Players will win cash prizes for everything from winning a pot with 2-7 off-suit to being dealt back-to-back Aces…

Right now Pulse Promotions is already underway with several very cool promotions. First up you have “Deuces Never Loses” which rewards players for taking a pair of Deuces to the showdown. Then you have “First Player Out” which gives players a tourney buy-in if they’re the first knocked out of a tournament.

In Pulse Promotions the player’s prize is awarded within seconds. The rewards will be Player Point bonuses, tournament tickets and cash prizes.

Pulse Promotions version 1.0 is running right now, so why not check it out? If you like what you see then hold on because this is just the beginning. You see, Pulse Promotions is based on real- time live data so the sky’s the limit in terms of the promotions we can create!

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