Sponsored PRO Series at Yachting Poker

Do you want to become a Yachting Poker Sponsored Pro? Would you like to be recognized for achievements?

You are in luck because at Yachting Poker they are offering every player that very opportunity every week! Participate in their Sponsored PRO tournaments held every night at 21:00 (CET), and the player with the highest final score at the end of the week- long series (four top tournaments) will receive a sponsorship from Yachting Poker.

Your final position in each tournament is based on the structure below. Please note that during Sunday’s Deep Stack Final Tournament, you will receive 1.5 x the amount of points that will determine final results.

The entire sponsorship includes:

  • €100 cash.
  • Tournament tokens based on the amount of fees collected from each
    Sponsored PRO series throughout the previous week.
  • A Sponsored PRO table icon that identifies you as a Yachting Poker Sponsored Pro.
  • Double Rakeback – during the week of sponsorship on ALL game play!

Tournament Schedule:

Daily Results: Daily results are updated at 12 noon (CET).

Leader Board: Leader board is updated at 12 noon (CET).

Terms and Conditions:


·  A player may choose to play every tournament in the week long series; but the four (4) best results will count for this promotion.

·  Only depositing players will be eligible for this prize money, if no deposit has been made the prize will be given to the next player in line and so forth.

·  Any players found colluding will forfeit the sponsorship and accounts will be closed.

·  Players may choose not to utilize the Sponsored Pro table icon but will forever have the right to use it.

·  Double rakeback is only in effect for one (1) week starting the first Thursday after the sponsorship has been awarded and ends the following Thursday.

·  Any sponsored player is expected to represent Yachting Poker in a professional manner. If a sponsored player is found to use foul language or harassing other players he/she may at the discretion of Yachting Poker management lose his/her sponsorship and the sponsorship benefits.

·  The leader board will be updated every day the following morning of each tournament.

·  In the event of a tie between players, the five (5) best results will be compared and so forth until a winner can be crowned.

·  In the rare event that two players get exactly the same score in all played tournaments during a week they will reward both players with the full rewards unless deliberate manipulation of the final score is found. For example, players may not deliberately lose in order to assist another player to achieve a certain result.

·  Management reserves the right to change the conditions at any point in time without prior notice.

·  Management reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any point in time without prior notice.

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