BetUS Posts NFL Odds for likelihood of Off-Season Trouble

NEW YORK, NY – The NFL’s offseason always seems to be marked by big name players having run-ins with the law and this year is no different. Ben Roethlisberger has already been served a conditional suspension for his unlawful behavior and now Vince Young and Michael Vick are getting into the mix. Vick is no stranger to off-field legal troubles, but this would be Vince Young’s first time offense if he is charged. With fans once again scratching their heads, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odd son all things NFL off-season legal woes.

Analysts at BetUS Sportsbook posted the following odds on the 2011 NBA Finals:
Next for Michael Vick:
Suspended 3/1
Retires 8/1
Arrested 5/1
Wins super bowl 18/1
Wins mvp 25/1

If not suspended:
3.5 Over/under tds thrown this season Will he start a game in 2010
Yes 1/2
No 3/2
Next for Vince Young:
Suspended 3/1
Retires 15/1
Arrested 4/1
Wins super bowl 30/1
Wins mvp 10/1
If not suspended:
14.5 Over/under tds thrown this season
12 Over/under games started this seasons
What will an NFL player be arrested or suspended for next:
Guns 5/1
Drunk driving 3/1
Robbing a bank 15/1
Bar fight 2/1
“Making it rain” in public 5/1
Public nudity 15/1
Soliciting a prostitute 4/1
Domestic violence 3/1
Domestic dispute 4/1
Possession of drugs 8/1
Dealing drugs 15/1
Selling drugs 20/1
Rape 5/1

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