BetUS Posts NFL Winless Week 5 Streak Odds

NEW YORK, NY – With the Kansas City Chiefs losing their first game to the Colts this past weekend, any chance of a team going undefeated was lost. On the other end of the spectrum however there are three teams who have yet to win a game and fans are wondering if they ever will. San Francisco, Carolina, and Buffalo are all winless so far without any signs of improving. With fans looking for answers the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odds on all things NFL winless season potentials.
Analysts at BetUS posted the following odds on the NFL’s Winless Teams:

San Francisco 1st Win
Vs Oakland 1/3
@ Carolina 3/1
Vs Denver 2/1
Any Other 1/1

Buffalo 1st Win
@ Baltimore 5/1
@ Kansas City 2/1
Vs Chicago 3/1
Any Other 1/3

Carolina 1st Win
Vs San Francisco 2/1
@ St. Louis 1/2
Vs New Orleans 5/1
Any Other 2/3

Odds for each of going winless on season
San Francisco 50/1
Buffalo 75/1
Carolina 200/1

Odds for each of winning Super Bowl
San Francisco 200/1
Buffalo 1000/1
Carolina 1000/1

Odds on each winless team’s coach getting fired.

San Francisco
Yes 5/9
No 7/5

Yes 10/13
No 10/11

Yes 1/2
No 3/2

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