BetUS Posts Updated NFL Super Bowl Odds

What an amazing first round of the NFL playoffs. With the defending champs getting knocked out, perennial contenders Peyton in the Colts taking an early flight home, and the high flying Eagles and Chiefs grounded, fans have been left utterly scratching their heads. With Super Bowl XLV looking completely up in the air, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odds to shed some light one of sports’ biggest prizes.

Analysts at posted the following odds on the rest of the NFL Playoffs:
To Win Super Bowl
Atlanta Falcons 5/1
Baltimore Ravens 20/1
Chicago Bears 38/1
Green Bay Packers 12/1
New England Patriots 8/5
New York Jets 14/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 6/1
Seattle Seahawks 50/1

What were the odds for each team at start of season to win Super Bowl
Atlanta Falcons 30/1
Baltimore Ravens 9/1
Chicago Bears 7/1
Green Bay Packers 6/1
New England Patriots 10/1
New York Jets 14/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 14/1
Seattle Seahawks 80/1

Super Bowl Matchup
To meet in Super Bowl XLV
Ravens vs Packers 12/1
Ravens vs Falcons 10/1
Ravens vs Seahawks 80/1
Ravens vs Bears 12/1
Steelers vs Packers 9/1
Steelers vs Falcons 7/1
Steelers vs Seahawks 50/1
Steelers vs Bears 8/1
Jets vs Packers 20/1
Jets vs Falcons 15/1
Jets vs Seahawks 120/1
Jets vs Bears 18/1
Patriots vs Packers 3/1
Patriots vs Falcons 5/2
Patriots vs Seahawks 25/1
Patriots vs Bears 3/1

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