Major Operator celebrates the fall of the monopoly in Denmark!

After nine months of processing the EU-commission has today approved the new Danish gambling legislation, which is expected to liberalise the gambling market per 1st January 2012.

“It’s a historical day, as the ancient Danish gambling monopoly will now finally be replaced by a licensing system. More gambling operators will therefore soon gain access to the new and more consumer friendly Danish market. Bet24 has been looking forward to this day for more than 10 years now and we are excited to be competing on equal terms within an open market”, says Thomas Petersen, CEO of Bet24.

In the coming months, the new legislation will be implemented. Licenses will be applied for, processed and issued. However, the official press release from the Danish Tax and Customs Administration still anticipates a liberalisation to be in effect per 1st January 2012.

“The liberalisation of the Danish gambling market has been long underway and Bet24 has followed the development closely in order to be prepared for the market opening. We look forward to welcoming even more Danes to Bet24. New as well as existing Bet24 customers can look forward to several exciting activities in 2012”, says Thomas Petersen, CEO of Bet24.

Bet24 celebrates the historical day with 100% payout, which means the highest odds in the world on this weekend’s Superliga matches.

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