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Half Pot Limit PokerHalf Pot Limit is a less common betting structure, used in several popular poker variants, including Texas Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. The rules of Half Pot-Limit are exactly the same as Pot Limit, except that the maximum bet or raise at any given time is always equal to 50% of the current pot size.

We will define all of the Half Pot-Limit rules below.

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Half Pot-Limit Poker Rules

1 Blind Bet amounts are determined by the stakes of the games. The Small Blind is always equal to the low-end stakes. The Big Blind is equal to the high-end stakes. (Example: Playing stakes of $2/$4 would require a $2 Small Blind and $4 Big Blind.)

2 The minimum bet is always equal to the current Big Blind. The only purpose of the low-end stakes is to determine the Small Blind amount. A player will only be allowed to place a wager lower than the minimum requirements if his chip stack is too low to cover the full amount (i.e. push all-in).

3 The maximum bet is always equal to 50% of the current pot size. This is the only area in which Half Pot-Limit and Pot-Limit betting structures differ.

4 A player may raise the pot up to a maximum of the current pot size at the time of his raise, after making the call. For instance, if a pot contains $100, and Player-1 bets the maximum $50, Player-2 may call the $50 bet for a total of $200 in the pot, then raise a maximum of $100 (total bet+raise $200)

5 There are no restrictions on the amount of raises that can be placed in a single betting round.

6 All raises must be as high, or higher than the previous bet/raise in the current betting round. For example, if the pot has $50 in it, and a player bets $25, the next player can call the $25 and raise may raise anywhere from $25 to $50. He cannot raise less than $25 the amount of the previous bet unless he pushes all-in with less than $25 in his chip stack.

7 Should a player neglect to place the minimum wager, he will be required to add enough chips to do so (unless his chip stack is too low, requiring an all-in bet).

8 Any player who bets higher than the maximum half pot-limit will have the extra chips returned to his stack. If the dealer does not notice the over-bet, it is up to the other players to point it out before the betting round is over. If no one calls attention to the excessive bet, it is considered a half pot-limit bet, and the game continues.

9 Verbal statements hold more power in live poker games than actual bets. This means that if a player says I Raise, but only adds enough chips to call, he will be required to place a minimum raise.

Half Pot-Limit Poker Games

Many poker variants are available in a Half Pot-Limit betting structure, but not all poker rooms offer this betting structure. The most common Half Pot-Limit poker games are: Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker, Omaha Hi/Lo.

Other Limit Structures

Please read our other rules pages to learn more about the different betting structures in poker. No Limit Rules, Pot Limit Rules.

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Below you will find real money poker sites, where you can play Half Pot Limit games. Please, don't forget to read our poker sites reviews and compare poker signup bonuses that to choose the best poker room for you.


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