Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword Slot

Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword Slot

I think Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword is one of the best video slots I have ever seen. I was so impressed when I played it, the game was so attractive and fantastic that I forgot about everything.

The video slot game has a lot of interesting unusual features. I'll try to tell you about everything. So, Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword is a five reel, thirty payline and three hundred coin slot machine including a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, the Free Spins bonus game, the Global Adventure bonus game and the Super Mode feature.

The Portrait is a wild symbol, that substitutes for other symbols to complete winning combinations. The Portrait symbol does not substitute for the Excalibur Key symbol and the Passport symbol.

The Excalibur Key is a scatter symbol. The symbol can be scattered anywhere on the five reels to complete winning combinations. Three or more the Excalibur Key symbols activate the Free Spins game. You will receive 10 free spins. The payout for each consecutive winning combination during the Free Spins bonus game is multiplied by increasing multiplier values, up to a maximum of a 5x multiplier. If no consecutive wins occur, the multiplier value resets to a 1x multiplier. When a winning combination occurs during a free spin, the symbols in the winning combination explode and disappear after you are paid out. The symbols above the exploding symbols shift position to fill the empty spaces created by the exploding symbols. If a winning combination results from the shifting symbols, you are paid out again at an increasing multiplier value. This process repeats itself. This increases your chances of winning without using a free spin.

In the Global Adventure bonus game you can win multiple bonus amounts. If you find all five sword fragments during your quest, you win an additional random jackpot prize. If a Passport symbol is displayed on the center position of a reel, the reel is activated. Activated reels are held and accumulated. When all five reels are activated, the Global Adventure bonus game is activated. The Portrait symbol does not substitute for the Passport symbol to activate the Global Adventure bonus game. In the Global Adventure bonus game you travel to five different global locations in search of the fragments of a sword. When you locate all the fragments, you win a random jackpot prize. Each location contains six artifacts. Hidden behind each artifact is either a:
• Bonus amount
• Bonus amount and a hidden treasure
• Bonus amount and sword fragment
• Trap

During your search you can win multiple random bonus amounts. All bonus amounts are accumulated in your pot, until you find the sword fragment. You win the total of all the bonus win amounts accumulated. If you find the hidden treasure, you are given a chance to win either a further bonus win amount, a 2x multiplier value on the bonus win amount revealed, or activate the Shoot-out bonus game. Beware of the traps. If you reveal two traps at any location, the game ends and you win only the previously accumulated winnings per location.

The Shoot-out bonus game is an elimination game played with discs and a list of possible bonus win values. Fifteen discs and a window listing the possible bonus values are displayed. Each disc spins and displays random win amounts. The discs stop spinning and all possible win amounts are hidden. Click a disc to try and guess the disc with the highest bonus value. Lara starts shooting at the discs you did not choose. Each disc reveals its hidden bonus value, and the amount is grayed out in the display window. The disc you chose is eliminated last and you are awarded the bonus value it reveals.

You win 5 free spins in the randomly activated Super Mode feature. During Super Mode, multiple wild positions are randomly activated and held in position for the duration of Super Mode. This increases your chances of winning.

To understand this game you should try it and be sure you will love it!

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2nd Highest Jackpot:2000
Min Coin:0.01
Max Coin:0.2
Bonus Feature:Global Adventure, Free Spins, Super Mode, Shoot-out bonus game


Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword Slot

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